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Character Education


Character Education in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is a partnership with parents and the community to foster honest, responsible and caring students. It is an intentional and proactive effort to help students understand, care about, and act upon basic values that we all share. Character Education promotes a positive school climate where students are more polite, honest and respectful, enhances student achievement by improving school attendance and reducing classroom conflicts, and encourages community involvement and a lifelong commitment to helping others.


Cornelius Elementary focuses on a different trait each month, however all character traits are highlighted and modeled throughout the year. The character traits include:

  • Respect: Show high regard for self, others and property
  • Responsibility: Be accountable for your own behavior
  • Honesty: Be truthful in word and action
  • Caring: Show concern for the well-being of others
  • Justice and Fairness: Demonstrate impartial, unbiased and equitable treatment for all
  • Citizenship: Be an informed, responsible and caring participant in your community
  • Courage: Do the right thing in the face of difficulty.  Follow your conscience instead of the crowd
  • Perseverance: Stay with a task and not give up
  • Hope: Believe you will be successful

At Cornelius, each classroom learns about the character trait celebrated that month. After learning and discussing the important trait, each class nominates a winner. The students in the class choose one person who they think demonstrates that character trait, and give the reason(s) they believe that student is the best choice. Each month the winner is celebrated during the Power Time celebration. The classroom teacher writes a narrative explaining why the student was nominated including some of the examples that the students gave for voting for their classmate. Each winner is given the narrative to take home along with a car magnet and Cornelius pencil. Parents are invited to this important event, and we also celebrate these winners with a breakfast for students and parents each quarter.


            We love to celebrate good character at Cornelius Elementary and encourage all students to show their best character every day!